Finca Luz: Organic Farm

Finca Luz, in the central highlands of Panama, is fast becoming a top destination for visitors seeking a unique visiting experience in Central America. Not only do we make, grow and sell things, (we are home to Cloud Forest Botanicals) but Finca Luz offers visitors the opportunity to stay on a working thumbnail.large .southcentral.1116774600.boquete hikeatlanticview1 Finca Luz: Organic Farmmedicinal rain forest plant and organic coffee farm in Panama.

Located a convenient 10 minutes drive above the village of Boquete, visitors can stroll The Medicine Way plant trails, participate in health and wellness workshops, or simply relax and inhale the super-ionized air from the balcony of  a private cabin. Our purpose is simple – to promote health and well-being through an awareness of rain forest ecology and sustainable living.

Ripe coffee cherries 150x150 Finca Luz: Organic Farm

Finca Luz is an organic eco-farm and nature sanctuary. We grow arabica coffee, oranges, lemons, mandarins, bananas, plantains, vegetables, exotic tropical flowers…and medicinal plants. From these, we produce a variety of products for sale: coffee, food items, succulent skin care products, and effective, concentrated herbal tinctures for health issues including high blood pressure, liver and kidney support, digestive assistance, and mental clarity. More information about our products can be found here: Cloud Forest Botanicals.

Teaching –  We are an active teaching site, offering two regularly scheduled short mini-seminars:

  1. Living Well through Botanicals, a 2 hour introduction to Cloud Forest medicinal plants and their uses; includes a guided walking tour and refreshments on The Terrace.
  2. Boquete 101 Knowledge Sessions, what potential residents of Boquete need to know that can’t be found in any book or on a website. (More information about this available here: Boquete 101)Monks at the Farm 150x150 Finca Luz: Organic Farm

Small Tour Groups – We welcome small tour groups interested in walking our Medicine Way Trail and learning a bit about the energetics and healing properties of wild and cultivated rain forest plants.

Workshop Venue – Finca luz offers a wonderful location for other workshops as well, and we are always interested in partnering, sponsoring or hosting learning opportunities that enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Internships – in 2012 we will begin offering volunteer internships to select applicants who are interested in learning about herbal plants, how to make tinctures and creams, organic gardening, and alternative building. Write to us for more information.

For more information about any of our options or to stay, fill  out this contact form on the sidebar.

Or call (507) 6636-8663

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